Why do you need an Autoresponder ?

If you’re already involved on the internet, you definitely know that the corner stone of success is TRAFFIC. You might indeed have the best website in the world but if no one stumbles on it, it won’t be of much help to you.

If you already have a little bit of traffic and that you’re offering something for sale on your website then you must be aware of the CONVERSION RATE, which is the ratio between the number of visitors on your website and the number of sales actually made.

If this ratio is 100%, then by all means do not change a thing !

But let’s be serious. This ratio never happens. Your goal is then to tend to it as much as possible. And to do so, you must strive on 2 fronts : getting more visitors (Traffic) and make sure that a larger part of them use their credit card (Conversion).

And that is exactly for this second point that an autoresponder is a perfect tool ! Thanks to this amazing tool you’ll be able to easily boost your conversion rate by 20% or 30%, or even more depending on the effectiveness of your reminder emails.

How does an autoresponder work ?

It’s quite simple, really. A visitor comes on your website. If he (or she) doesn’t buy your product right away the chances that he will come back onto your website are quite slim. Very slim in fact. Close to none to be precise. And you have strickly no way to get in touch with that person whatsoever (to inform him (or her) that there is a price cut for instance, or that a new product has been made available, and so on …). This visitor is therefore lost … most likely forever … not very effective, isn’t it ?

The first role of your autoresponder will then be to capture the contact details of your visitors. They can be encouraged to leave their name and email address against a free report, a newsletter, an ebook on a subject related to the topic of your website, a sample of your product, … whatever really. What’s important is to entice your visitors to let their contact details and subscribe to your mailing list or newsletter.

Once a visitor is on your mailing list, this will automatically trigger a process in which a serie of pre-written emails will be sent at predifined intervals. You will have to write those emails yourself (or by an outsourcer) so that the sales letters are convincing and push your readers to the action (usually a sale, by the way).

Statistics on the internet about this are perfectly clear. The number of visitors buying on the internet on their first visit of a website is extremely low ! The majority of the sales occur between the 4th and the 7th reminder email. (Personnaly I even made a sale on the 14th reminder email ! So if I had written only 12 or 13 reminder emails, I might have missed that sale !)

Sure it does take time to write all those emails providing pieces of advice and tips in order to alleviate the psychological barriers before making the sale. But once done this work can be used an unlimited number of times.
It’s a bit like a novelist writing a book. It takes a lot of time. But once the novel is written, it can easily be printed a million times, and as much as needed ! Work and efforts are therefore provided only at the beginning.

An autoresponder will allow you to get the contact details of your visitors, to keep in touch with them, to build a relationship based on trust with them, which will eventually boost your sales.

Keep that in mind.