What you need to know about autoresponders

What are autoresponders?

On the internet, the autoresponders are a great promotional tool. In fact they are even excellent. Eventhough the technical name is ‘autoresponder’ some may know this tool as a mailbot, email responder or automatic email sender. No matter what name you’ve chosen, this great tool will save you a lot of time in your online business.
The way it works is very easy to understand. The autoresponder sends an automatic response to any message it receives, or it sends a sequence of emails pre-written by you, at a given time.
In other words, an autoresponder is like an automatic secretary when it comes to sending emails.

Since you only have to write your messages once, it will save you a ton of time. No matter how many people subscribe to your newsletter or email list, the work you’ve done once will trigger the same actions again and again. And that leaves you all the time in the world to do something else and be more productive.

When autoresponders began to make their entry in the online marketing, they were mostly scripts you had to install on your server. Needless to say that the technical knowledge involved was quite a deterrent to those who didn’t have a computer science degree. Most of the time it didn’t work as expected and the glitches were numerous.

Luckily nowadays a number of great autoresponder services are availble on the internet. Such a service allows you not to take care of all the technical stuff. You can then fully focus on your business and find ways to keep developing it.
Besides the rules of sending bulk emails have changed a lot these last few years. Mostly due to the spam activity. Most hosting companies have setup firewalls that prevent most of the spam to reach people’s inbox. The new rule of the game is then not to get your sent messages be considered like spam. And unfortunately this isn’t something you can you on your own. Big companies have reached agreement with hosting companies. The autoresponder service companies ensure that the emails collected are from people who fully agreed to received emails and in return, the hosting companies will consider emails being sent from those autoresponder companies as legit. Therefore they will not be considered like spam.

Needless to say that this last point is crucial for your online business. And you should consider the choice of Autoresponder Company according to its ability to get your emails delivered.

After all who would want to send thousands of emails and not get the guarantee that they will reach their recipient correctly ?

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