The danger of autoresponder scripts

When you start looking into Internet marketing for your business, you quickly realize you need an autoresponder. And when you start a new business online, it is normal to avoid investing a lot of money upfront.
Therefore one tries to find cheap ways to run the business and try to find a system to avoid the use of a professional autoresponder service. Not knowing if the business will work, one tries to avoid recurring memberships for this kind of services. It’s natural…  even if it’s definitely not the best thing to do.

After all the person who wants to launch a business on the Internet must have its own domain name and hosting service.  Therefore why compromise your efforts without using a  professional autoresponder system?

The problem with autoresponder scripts

In order to get your own autoresponder you need to install a PHP script on your server.  That alone requires the knowledge of the PHP language. Other knowledges like CGI or PEARL might also be necessary.  Therefore, unless you’re really good at that, you will already need the help of a professional that will install the autoresponder script on your server correctly.
This expense is rarely forecasted when you create a website!  And chances are you had to pay for the script itself!

And even if you manage to install the script yourself on your server, you’re not out of trouble…

Autoresponder WordPress plugins

Some plugins on WordPress exist, like Autoresponder Illimited, WP–booster, …  these appear like an easy solution, but they became a real nightmare for some of its users.
For one the functionalities are limited, but also you have to manage all the mechanic of the business. Which is not an easy thing to do !

Many years ago, at the beginning of the Internet, professional services like a AWEBER or GetResponse did not exist. Scripts were the only way to manage the contact list, and communicate with the members.
Shortly after spams appeared. This age was considered like the far west of the new virtual territory. Everything was possible.
There were no limits, there were no rules. Some understood it and made a little fortune even though at the time there were only a fraction of the Internet users of today.

Then autoresponder services like AWEBER appeared and allow users to create contact lists  provided they used double opt in to ensure they did not spam people.

Very quickly, it became obvious that spammers used personal scipts. From that day on, the use of such a script put you in the hot seat with the hosting companies that have declared war to spammers…

Indeed, autoresponder scripts are perceived by emailing companies like a tool used by spammers.
Easily detectable in the email in the dsitribution chain, hosting companies where those messages come from using those type of scripts are blacklisted. Therefore any message will immediately be labelled liked spam and be distributed in the spam box… if they are not immediately deleted, ruining all your marketing efforts.  Too bad!

Conclusion: safety first

In conclusion, we can only advise the use of a professional autoresponder service.  The reputation of an autoresponder service ensures the deliverability of your messages. Which is the most important thing for your business.
AWEBER for instance is the most famous autoresponder company.  Beyond the autoresponder service, Aweber works in the shadow with the Email companies to make sure the emails emitted from their service are not considered like spam. Aweber has done an outstanding job with the most famous email companies (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Aol, …) to make sure your business is not jeopardized.
Aweber has therefore the highest deliverability rate in its industry. That information alone should help you choose your autoresponder.