How can an autoresponder help you?

Do I really need an autoresponder?

If you already have a link on your site inviting people to register to receive your newsletter, you are aware that it is important to keep in touch with your visitors. And you are absolutely right!

Keeping track of your visitors or customers will allow you to contact them as soon as you wish. You will be able to inform them of a possible promotion, or simply invite them to come back to your site for one reason or another.

Keeping in touch with those interested in what you have to offer is the best way to increase sales. This is by far the easiest and the least expensive way to promote your products.

Unfortunately, autoresponder scripts installed on your hosting plan are not considered professional. It is often ignored, but the consequences are significant. Indeed, when you want to contact your numerous subscribers via a script installed on your server, your emails will be perceived by the email providers as spam. The consequence is disastrous as it annihilates your marketing efforts. Worse, your server (where your website is hosted) could be placed on a blacklist, and all your messages considered as spam once and for all!

The use of an autoresponder script is to be avoided at all costs!

Why a professional autoresponder service?

The deliverability

Unlike emails sent via the autoresponder script, the service of a professional autoresponder allows you to be sure that your letters (or newsletter) are delivered in the mailbox of your clients or contacts.
It should be noted that the reputable autoresponder services have negotiated a deliverability service with the top known email service providers. More clearly, this means that your messages are automatically directed to the mailbox of your customers or contacts. So you’re sure to reach your target.


Using an autoresponder service will allow you to continue sending a newsletter to all of your contacts as soon as you wish. Better still, you can plan to send your newsletter AUTOMATICALLY at set up days. To do this, simply prepare the newsletter, select the day and time of the mailing and the list of contacts to join. It’s as simple as that.
And nothing will stop you from sending additional messages at any time.

Automatic email sequences

In addition to the newsletter, it is important to engage the client in a privileged relationship with your site. To do this, nothing’s better than a sequence of automatic emails.

But what is a sequence of automatic email?
Imagine that at the beginning of your website’s life, a first Internet user is registered on your list. Being the only one on your list, you can take the time to send him an email that meets one of his expectations. Whether it’s a response to a problem that he faces, or sending out a fact sheet that is important to him, you’re starting to bring value to that user.

A few days later, you will send him a new message with more information about the subject that interests him. And so on over the weeks. You therefore engage a true link with your visitor. Over time, you will create a relationship of trust with your visitor. And it is this confidence that will blow the locks of its hesitation to consume on your website.

Statistically, a user rarely buys the first time he visits a website. The interest is that this visitor regularly come back to your site. The sequence of automatic emails is precisely there to fulfill this need. In the course of the emails you send him and the value you bring to him, you will invite him to visit one or another page of your website. By doing so, you exponentially multiply the chances that he will buy one of your products or services.

In addition, a customer already converted will therefore be more inclined to buy back on your website. You will then be able to use the power of promotional offers. By sending this type of offer in a personalized way in his emails, the customer will get the feeling of being privileged. This feeling of exclusivity is flattering and pushes to consume more.

This process is quite achievable manually when you only have one or two contacts. But very soon it becomes unmanageable when there are several dozen registered. Indeed, it is impossible to send each new registrant the first message, and then the others, one at a time, individually.

It is precisely this type of service that an autoresponder offers. It will send to each new subscriber the first email then the second one and so on in the timeframe you have programmed. And all this automatically. It’s a bit like having a personal secretary do this tedious job for you.

Which autoreponder to choose?

Now that we have determined the importance of using a professional autoresponder, which one to choose?

There are several autoresponder services on the market. But not everyone is equal. The major difference lies in the deliverability of the messages, essential element of your communication.
At this level, we retain two professional autoresponder services, namely Aweber and GetResponse.


Aweber is considered like the Rolls-Royce of the autoresponder services. As one of the pioneers in this market, Aweber is known and recognized among all the email services providers (Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, AOL, …). As a result, messages sent via Aweber are, so to speak, guaranteed to arrive at the right destination and not in the spam folder of your customer.
Aweber has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

How much does Aweber cost?

Aweber charges on a monthly basis. The first month is offered, which allows you to discover the interface and start creating lists and sequences of emails. After the first month, the service will be charged according to the number of subscribers on your lists. The service price starts at US $ 19 per month up to 500 subscribers. Between 500 and 2,500 subscribers, the service costs 29 US dollars. The number of messages is unlimited. The subscription to this service is not binding since you can cancel it at any time. So you’re totally free and there’s no risk to give it a try!

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Another great professional player in the autoresponder market is GetResponse. GetResponse is Aweber’s most direct competitor. The services are comparable but the interfaces differ a bit. Their service is impeccable and it is really according to the tastes of each one that one will opt for GetResponse rather than Aweber. GetResponse has an interface in different languages whereas Aweber does provide anything more than English. This might prove an issue if you wish to tackle foreign countries.

How much does GetResponse cost?

As for all other services of the kind, this is a monthly subscription with no commitment over time. You can cancel at any time. The first month is completely free, allowing you to discover all service options without restriction. After the first month, it will cost you 15 US dollars if you have less than 1,000 subscribers, and 25 US dollars a month if you have between 1,000 and 2,500 subscribers. You are not limited in the number of messages you send.

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An opportunity not to miss!

In order to give opportunities to your online business to grow as it deserves, feel free to consider utilizing one of these services. We highly recommend Aweber. But if you consider working with foreign customers GetResponse is probably a better choice.

The trial period of Aweber and Getresponse is a great opportunity to discover the service. Once you use it, you will understand the full extent of the power of these tools.
Autoresponders are part of these tools should not overlook. Typically one regrets not having used this kind of service earlier. Another point to consider is the fact that no major business grows without a contact list. So work on yours as soon as possible.
May your online business grow beyond your expectations!